plant floor intelligence®

Improved profitability
Effective Change Management
Efficiency gained
Waste reduced
Increased Productivity
Engaged Front-line workers
Proactive, Real-time Control
Actionable Insights that stop line disruptions


does REVEAL do?

REVEAL® monitors the entire manufacturing value stream 24/7 and alerts the workforce to take corrective action before losses occur.

The REVEAL platform mines data automatically and analyzes trends continuously for threats to manufacturing throughput. When a threat is detected, REVEAL automatically sends real-time alerts when corrective action is required, thereby removing line stops, disruptions, downtime and waste.


your people, your data, our technology.

REVEAL requires no data-mining skills and no knowledge of statistics and is designed to empower the entire factory floor workforce. REVEAL is a scalable solution designed to meet the exact needs of our customers, regardless of size or level of IT maturity.

REVEAL enables scalable returns from one assembly cell, one or multiple product lines, an entire plant operation, and even a connected supply chain.  Best in class quality can be achieved delivering maximized efficiency.

Who is REVEAL for?

The typical factory consists of 80% factory workers, 10% engineers, and 10% management. REVEAL is designed to empower and align all levels of the organization to achieve proactive management and control of factory processes. REVEAL empowers three specific user groups:

The Factory Floor

True loss prevention can only happen when people on the factory floor are alerted to emerging threats, typically invisible until a loss is suffered. REVEAL can analyze a single line or an entire factory, monitoring 24/7 all process parameters, simultaneously in real-time. When REVEAL detects an emerging threat, it sends the appropriate problem solver which line, station, and exact process characteristic requires corrective action. The problem solver makes the correction, reversing the trend, and preventing the loss.

The Engineering

Since factories have limited engineering resources, REVEAL engages engineers by automatically sending them, in Pareto order, the worst performing stations so they can focus their problem solving efforts on the right issues. Once that issue is resolved, the next in line takes the top spot. The Pareto analysis is automatically refreshed every 60 seconds, ensuring focus on the most critical issue at any given time.

The Management

REVEAL enables managers to keep their teams aligned and focused on preventing losses rather than reacting to losses. REVEAL keeps management informed of all activities being performed by the factory floor workforce and engineering community by auto-reporting performance details and summaries of all preventive actions being taken on the floor. Automatic report distribution is scheduled to align with any standardized meeting cadence to ensure alignment prior to each meeting.


  • IS artificial intelligence; it is NOT SPC software.
  • IS a real-time feed of emerging trends; it is NOT query based
  • IS 24/7 monitoring of factory processes; it is NOT an MES or ERP product
  • IS for all people on the factory floor; it is NOT for engineers only
  • IS a data activation solution; it is NOT a data collection system
  • IS for addressing all emerging threats simultaneously; it is NOT for addressing one problem at a time
  • IS artificial intelligence doing the analysis for you; it does NOT require data mining skills or statistical knowledge
  • IS a fully pre-configured, turnkey solution; it does NOT require customer configuration
  • IS proactive and preventive; it is NOT reactionary


Artificial intelligence

Real-time feed of emerging trends

24/7 monitoring of factory processes

For all people on the factory floor

A data activation solution

Addressing all emerging threats simultaneously

Artificial intelligence doing the analysis for you

A fully pre-configured, turnkey solution

Proactive and preventive


SPC software

Query based

An MES or ERP product

For engineers only

A data collection system

Addressing one problem at a time

Require data mining skills or statistical knowledge

Require customer configuration


manufacturing industries

Industrial Integration

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Consumer Products
  • Electronics
  • Government
  • Medical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Plastics
  • Transportation
  • Utility

REVEAL Solution

  • Commodity Neutral
  • Flexible
  • Agile
  • Proactive
  • Predictive
  • Easy to Use

Process Support

  • Any Degree of Vertical Integration
  • Any Volume Capability
  • Connected or Non-Connected Systems

Virtually ANY data source