A fully-configured and scalable solution.

No need to worry about adoption!

Plant Floor Intelligence is designed for rapid adoption by default. Because REVEAL pushes the right information, to the right people, at the right time to prevent losses, failure to adopt only happens one way: you ignore it. And let's be honest, that can happen. But don't worry! We have strategies in place to ensure that doesn't happen.

There is a lot of enterprise software that shows up at your door as a toolbox only. You are expected to build the house. We take a different approach. We are in this with you and consider it our responsibility to ensure the successful implementation and adoption of PFI .


PFI Certification and rapid adoption services

People are the most critical element of Industry 4.0. This is so important that we developed a certification strategy for Plant Floor Intelligence to ensure all levels of the organization understand their role and responsibility in transitioning from reactive process control to proactive—and preventive—process control.

Leadership Certification

The leadership learning path focuses on how to set clear expectations for using REVEAL and transitioning to a proactive and preventive state.

Team member
Certification through our P.I.C.K. Process

The learning path for the team members on the floor focuses on how to use the REVEAL dashboard to Prioritize, Investigate, Correct, and Keep in Control the processes they are responsible for.


We leverage eLearning to deliver the education and training required to rapidly facilitate the marriage between REVEAL technology and the user community. Specifically designed, role-based learning paths enable rapid education and training for thousands of users in a very short amount of time. Certification is not awarded until the user has demonstrated proficiency in the use of REVEAL out on the floor. Oh, and by the way, REVEAL tracks and reports user proficiency.

Mobile App

In addition to the P.I.C.K. process, our mobile app is designed to manage wireless communication, track corrective action, and drive accountability. The REVEAL mobile app measures time from "alert sent" to "corrective action verified". REVEAL provides the intelligence, the mobile app drives action.