“Been all over the world, have looked at many manufacturing software solutions but have never found anything that compares to REVEAL anywhere else in the world.”  

Ron Harbour, The Harbour Report

“Without REVEAL is like driving with your eyes shut, your running blind!”

- Plant Manager LaMarcus K.

  “REVEAL saved us $1M per month!”  

-Production Unit Lead Jim B.  

 “REVEAL allows me to manage two productions lines now because of complete visibility, where before I could never have done that.”    

-Business Unit Leader Larry C. 

 “Legacy DB not available to plant and never will be.”

-OEM Production Floor Supervisor 

 “Puts data in the hands of the people that need it, when they need it so they can make adjustments quickly before there are defects/bad parts.”  

- OEM Production Floor Supervisor

 “REVEAL uncovered missing specs in our legacy database enabling quick resolution on our part.” 

- Corp IT Phil M. 

“REVEAL identified humidity issue, sent alert which allowed immediate corrective action.  Without REVEAL, we would have had scrap.”

- Maint Manager Jeff D.

“REVEAL is easy to use and been helpful in reducing downtime.” 

- Operator Darnell J.

 “REVEAL’s Upstream Compare feature identified OP120 not measuring reliably which directly correlated to part failures downstream.  Found issue in minutes vs. hours!”  

- Mfg. Quality Engineer