Plant Floor Intelligence
is your pathway to
Industry 4.0

What does it all mean?

Generally speaking, Industry 4.0 is a term that references the 4th industrial revolution. Where digital technology and the world wide web are turning the world upside down—for the better. But what does that really mean? And what does it mean for you? Read on to answer these questions and learn how Plant Floor Intelligence will get you there.


Industry 4.0 Simplified

Industry 4.0 Simplified

connectivity, artificial
intelligence, and people.

There is a lot of thinking around Industry 4.0. There is no shortage of information on the topic but most descriptions tend to make it a bit of a mystery. It's too technical, too academic, too futuristic, and frankly, out of reach. The reality is it's not that complicated, and it's possible TODAY!


If you are not already connected, you need to get connected. That means all of your manufacturing equipment needs to be a part of a connected network where data from each manufacturing process step is uploaded to a centralized database.


Artificial Intelligence

Now, we're not talking human-like androids running your factory. We're talking about technology that makes intelligent decisions from all of the data that is being collected and stored without any human input or intervention. Data and data analysis alone are not enough. Artificial intelligence decides what the most relevant data is, converts it into digestible information, and decides who to send it to. (this is where our product REVEAL comes in by the way, in case you haven't figured that out).


In most of what you will read regarding Industry 4.0, people—the most critical component of Industry 4.0—are strangely absent. Network connectivity collects data, AI makes fact-based, data-driven decisions regarding what people need to know, and people convert that knowledge into action. People are the key to the successful execution of Industry 4.0 solutions.

So what is Plant Floor Intelligence?

Plant Floor Intelligence is our Industry 4.0 solution for the plant floor that offers proactive control of factory processes through the marriage of artificial intelligence and human intelligence. The result is minimized losses and maximized revenue.

Let's assume you are already connected (if not, we can help). The problem is you have data but continue to suffer losses anyway. When losses occur, it triggers manual data-mining efforts. What if you didn't have to manually mine data? Better yet, what if you were alerted in time to take action before the loss occurred? Plant Floor Intelligence (PFI) makes this possible.

REVEAL, our factory AI software, is the decisioning engine and artificial intelligence that powers PFI. REVEAL monitors the entire manufacturing value stream 24/7 and automatically alerts the right people to take action before losses occur.


PFI is a turnkey solution consisting of our REVEAL product—deployed and pre-configured, rapid adoption services, and standardized operating procedures that transform people on the factory floor into an army of proactive problem solvers.

Welcome to the world of Industry 4.0!